Monthly Archives: June 2020

Lets Review Social Entrepreneurship
June 26, 2020     |     Posted by Dr. Subhrangshu Sanyal
Everyone across the globe is talking about social entrepreneurship and India has seen a dramatic upswing in the number of startups. Read on to find out more about the startup ecosystem in East and North East India.
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Creating Livelihoods the Right Way: Story of Greenwear
June 26, 2020     |     Posted by Anushka Sureka
Greenwear has been training rural women to utilise their time to spin yarn from Solar Charkhas. To know more about how they are creating livelihoods and helping rural households,
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Lives Vs Livelihoods
June 10, 2020     |     Posted by Katyayani Shukla
With the world grappled with the pandemic, we are faced with a question - do we choose lives and continue the lockdown or do we choose livelihoods and continue work like it was pre-Covid? Read our take on this!
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7 Lessons from the Seven Summiteer
June 1, 2020     |     Posted by Satarupa Mishra
IIMCIP hosted Satyarup Siddhanta - an ace mountaineer, a Guiness World Book Record holder and a fighter. Here are our lessons from his inspirational talk.
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