About Us

The IIM Calcutta Innovation Park (IIMCIP) is a not for profit (Section 8) company established under the aegis of IIM Calcutta to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The broad objectives of IIMCIP are:

  1. To promote entrepreneurship and create a nurturing ecosystem where fledgling enterprises with innovative ideas and solutions can flourish
  2. To promote Innovation in research and business through industry-academia partnership

The IIMCIP aims at creating a complete and comprehensive ecosystem to promote and nurture innovative enterprises. There are two broad verticals under IIMCIP – Business Incubation Unit and Innovation Lab.

Business Incubation Unit:

The Business Incubation Unit (BIU) functions as an incubation unit for innovative technological solutions for social and business challenges. To translate an innovative idea to a sustainable business is a long and arduous process. IIMCIP aims to provide an environment which would have all the ingredients required to make such a journey successful.

The BIU focuses on 7 broad areas in which it has developed specialized expertise, knowledge and thought leadership as well as delivery capability in its stated objective of promoting and supporting entrepreneurship development.

Innovation Lab (IL)

The Innovation Lab offers facilities to the corporates for setting up their knowledge center and for execution of their innovation programs.

The objectives of the Innovation Lab are:

  1. To promote innovation in research and business through industry academia collaboration
  2. To provide faculty and research scholars an enabling platform to experiment with new ideas and business challenges
  3. To provide support to innovation programs for existing companies through collaborative research and development, solution design and strategy formulation
  4. To set up of knowledge centers for the established organizations to support ongoing innovation