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IIM Calcutta unveils “IIMCIP Technology and Innovation Council”, a new tech incubation arm to benefit East & Northeast India

The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta has announced the establishment of the IIMCIP Technology and Innovation Council (IIMC-TIC), a new Section 8 company under IIM Calcutta Innovation Park! The landmark announcement was made during a launch event held at the IIM Calcutta campus on June 22, 2024, in the presence of eminent figures like the Chairman – IIM Calcutta Board of Governors, Director – IIM Calcutta, Chairman and Board members of IIM Calcutta Innovation Park and Padma Shri awardee Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, the proposed Chairman of the Board, IIMC-TIC.

The vision of IIMC-TIC is to foster innovation, push technology-driven growth and promote inclusive development across East and North-East India. The Council’s primary mission is to catalyse innovation and entrepreneurship while ensuring that the benefits reach all sections of society through a human-centric approach.

IIMC-TIC’s key activities would focus on:

  • – Fostering a technology-driven entrepreneurship culture among students through academic partnerships in East and North-East India,
  • – Catalysing ‘Build Clubs’ and technology communities within the academia to encourage creativity and nurture innovation,
  • – Facilitating industry-academia collaborations to address industry challenges,
  • – Supporting the development and commercialisation of deep tech solutions,
  • – Leveraging regional strengths to drive impactful innovation to address key developmental challenges, and
  • – Providing policy-level inputs to enhance the technology-led entrepreneurship ecosystem in East and Northeast India.

To achieve the mission of creating a large-scale socio-economic impact leveraging technology and innovation, IIM Calcutta (IIM Calcutta Innovation Park) will actively seek strategic partnerships with top technology institutions in India and abroad. It has already joined hands with the IIT Madras Incubation Cell, which is one of the best technology innovation centres in the country. This collaboration represents a confluence of intellectual prowess and innovation excellence and is poised to create a powerful synergy leveraging the business acumen of IIMCIP and the technological expertise of IIT Madras Incubation Cell. Padma Shri awardee Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, a luminary in the realm of technology and innovation and a visionary leader has agreed to preside as the Chairman of the Board of the IIMCIP Technology and Innovation Council (IIMC-TIC). Under his leadership, IIMC-TIC is poised to launch groundbreaking initiatives to revolutionise the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, particularly in East and Northeast India.