Entry # : TET1001

This winged wonder literally “opened my eyes”. We live with such wonderful friends but never realised this earlier. Just a little bit of attention makes a difference.

Entry # : TET1002

In difficult times, Optimism is like the first golden rays of sun. Wherever it touches, turns into gold.

Entry # : TET1003

Life’s journey is adventurous. For a smooth ride – Don’t look down and Don’t look back.

TET 1004
Entry # : TET 1004

Clicked on Feb, 2018, Bahadurgarh, Haryana

Cattle feed(bhoosi), packed and loaded in such a way on the tractor, and gave almost 20-25 extra height to the tractor and I haven’t seen such jugaadu logistic ever. So, I named Giant Tractor”.

TET 1005
Entry # : TET 1005

Clicked on June, 2019, IIMCIP, NTB, 1st Floor.

Amazing and mysterious cat ever!!
Everybody was passing by and I myself made noises, pulled her up, just to wake her up. But she was sleeping like anything.

TET 1006
Entry # : TET 1006

Clicked on Feb, 2018, Noida, Delhi NCR
लंगड़ाबटिस्टा, WWE star

I had seen and heard these roadside babas, vaidyas and Hakims mimicking other actors, politician dialogue for their जड़ीबूटी sell, but like this making a WWE star’s picture for their advertisement and making him लंगड़ा।दिल्लीवालेकुछभीकरसकतेहैं।

TET 1007
Entry # : TET 1007

Clicked on Dec, 2019

I had gone for trekking last year and had almost 20 co-trekkers with me and we sat somewhere in mountain to take rest.

I was thinking to do some madness.
So I used my trekking bag, gloves, goggles and बैगवतीसामने।

TET 1008
Entry # : TET 1008

Fools gold….

The stone in the picture is Pyrite or “fools gold”. While it may appear to be gold it is not half as ‘precious’ as gold. I chose this picture as my entry since I see a lot of peoplelooking at the vanity matrix (likes , comments , followers ) on social media as real gold.Although they give an immediate dopamine high they are not a real connection.As a marketing and branding person I find this mad rush a rush towards ‘fools gold’.

TET 1009
Entry # : TET 1009

No matter what faith I follow , humanity & love will always be my highest priority. Boundaries are never meant to be..In today’s cut-throat world let the sufferings be soothed, let us release the burden of hate & may the light prevail over darkness ..

TET 1010
Entry # : TET 1010

Creativity is Everywhere, Creativity is contagious, Creativity is nothing but a mind set free.

TET 1011
Entry # : TET 1011

Five elements are the only living existence for all of us. Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether that’s what we are all comprised of. Whether we value it or not it is the existence.

70% of our body is comprised of water. And thus it plays a vital role in what we do, how we think, how we act & how we perform. The innate quality of water is to take the shape in which ever space u capture it so it means no matter what situation we are in we must be able to make adjustments

Just like this stream in the picture it cuts through the hard rocks and finds its way, similarly life teaches us to keep going no matter what comes on our way we got to move on since life don’t stop since every moment life is just ticking away

The goal of this stream is to meet the ocean that’s where it will complete its life’s journey and it thrives all its strength and effort to do that. That’s what it teaches us to do to keep going unless the goal is reached.

Persistence, perseverance and patience is what water teaches us to accomplish our life goal.

TET 1012
Entry # : TET 1012

My final entry is about my first diecast car, the car from which the craze of collecting these miniature forms of happiness started… Till today this one is the most precious piece and its very close to my heart. It gives a connect between me and my grandfather. I never met him but having this 1:64 car is like keeping a part of his 1:1 same car.

Presenting you the Neet Streeter…

TET 1013
Entry # : TET 1013

The Gods were annoyed & it rained fire. Was it to punish or was it to replenish?

TET 1014
Entry # : TET 1014

Decoupling! Two souls together but apart.

TET 1015
Entry # : TET 1015

Chai for one, cheeni for two.

Have realised in the last few months how much i enjoy tea, and how much i enjoy being a tea lover in a world of coffee lovers. Be it on my terrace or cemented steps, this is what i look forward to in the day.

TET 1016
Entry # : TET 1016

Between you and the sky, I stand guarding.
I have seen many before you & will many after you.
Lesser mortals come & go, but I have been around for 200 years now.

TET 1016-A
Entry # : TET 1016-A

**Lazy feels and Monday Tea**

The birds are chirping and the clock is ticking,
But my weary soul is still sleeping.

I reached my office worn out and exhausted.
Ah ! It’s Monday again !
Ah ! It’s Monday again !

My head is heavy from last night’s hangover,
Someone please bring me some lemon and water.

The office boy is absent they said,
It’s time to go to the tea stall once again !

Standing beside my favourite colleague, I was sipping my tea,
Suddenly she said, meeting at 11, come on, hurry !

Taking the paper cups in hand, we both ran !
Because, it’s Monday again !
Yes, it’s Monday again !

TET 1017
Entry # : TET 1017

“This photo is about LOVE . Being together forever. Sharing endless love together. The SKY and SEA are in eternal bond forever so as the couple standing in-front. The SUN is as bright as almighty, showering all the blessings to be in LOVE and being happy. LOVE is infinite. It does not have a beginning neither it will have an end …it will go on and on ..”

TET 1018
Entry # : TET 1018

The last time butterflies fluttered in my thoughts was the night it had rained. I remember it was dark outside the window. But my eyes were lit. There was silence in my room. But the heartbeats sang along to the falling music from the sky.

There’s a chaos of possibilities today. The rooms are well lit too. Yet, why do I find myself a stranger here? Perhaps, I am a stranger to me too.

Do you have hands long enough to pull my mind out of this chaos? Do you know a place where drizzle tiptoes?

Right at the edge of the cliff, I sit next to you. Our feet lost in the sea of mist, not caring to stand and run taking a cue from time.

On days amid the chaos, perhaps, you try to talk too smart. And I laugh too hard. Are you capable of a silence comfortable enough that allows us both to shut up?

Do you know how not to belong anywhere, but just stay there forever? Like the earth existing relentlessly and the oak rooted into Her womb.

The wisdom of chaos might call these the rantings of a mad woman. Are you bold enough to strip me off the stranger whom I wear to meet this chaos everyday?

TET 1019
Entry # : TET 1019

“When you keep regretting about things in your life,You personify a distressed butterfly who seems to be trapped in a spider web, the more you struggle or regret, the more you strangle yourself.But when you are grateful for the things in your life,You personify a beautiful butterfly who is emerging out of it’s cocoon.”

Location – Shnongpdeng, Meghalaya

TET 1020
Entry # : TET 1020

“And if it rains that night, we’ll stop; whatever it is we’re doing. We’ll stop & listen to the rain falling on the covers on top of us, sliding its way down into the sandy earth. We’ll close our eyes and for once in this life, listen.”
Location- One of the Bylanes of Kolkata

TET 1021
Entry # : TET 1021

“So my pen has stopped
but there’s no escaping my thoughts.
my thoughts are made of water,
a wild ocean,
a warm bubble bath,
i drown in them,
grasp for air.
my thoughts are now seeping into my eyes,
there’s so many of them,
it’s like someone left the water running,
but this piece of poetry must be completed
and not abandoned like me.
so the water from my eyes will replace the ink
and complete this poem
while in my watery thoughts, i will sink”

Location- IIM Calcutta

TET 1022
Entry # : TET 1022

“At the end of a long waiting line, I face myself and I count the years past my wrinkles. In the ticking of time, I have memorized the way you come alive, slowly burning away little of what is left of this life.

You are a dying metaphor and I am poetry running out of ideas. We make love once in a while and the papers scream in solemn silence when we leave in the morning.There is beauty in this kind of living. Words are infinite. And yet when I sit down to write, I do not know where to begin.

I do not know where I begin”

Location- Umiam Lake, Meghalaya

TET 1023
Entry # : TET 1023

For many years rivers have fascinated me. More so the serene flow. Whenever I meet a river I think of life. The forgotten moment of birth, the journey through many places, and then a sudden disappearance into the unknown. Maybe there is a restart, maybe there is not.

This was an unusual place for a click. Just behind a crematorium.

TET 1024
Entry # : TET 1024

The going shall get tougher; some friends might be lost, u feel the urge to stay in bed and stepping out may seem a lot of work…but in the end keep up the hustle because the view from the top is worth it…

TET 1025
Entry # : TET 1025

The northern cannons stand guarding the Royals. The blaze of thunders can wait for another twilight.

TET 1026
Entry # : TET 1026

Eid ka Chand nahi, magar sitaro ka sitar hu mai. Nam mat puchia janab. Nam ka kya, gulab to gulab hi kahala te hai.

TET 1027
Entry # : TET 1027

I flew miles to be with you.
Take me away to the land of the mystic mountains.

~ One travel bug to another

TET 1028
Entry # : TET 1028

Framing with fire.

TET 1029
Entry # : TET 1029

I have watched them as they built the architecture of my bylanes, textured colour on the surface of my staid walls and lit up my lonely sidewalks. Amid those towering condos breathes life, hustles enthusiasm and lives hope. Heartbeats soothe tired souls, preparing them for yet another tryst with destiny. Here live my heroes – blissfully adventurous and tenaciously sublime. What amazes me the most is the undying spirit which they solemnly inherit. And as the rains glisten my tar roads, I watch them peer from misty windows seeking a false sense of satisfaction. They look without for what remains within.

TET 1030
Entry # : TET 1030

Steeples of faith, statues of hope, crosses of belief – bound in these structures lives humanity. On the other side the open skies brace settlements of reality where live strife, pain, tears, compassion, reverence and gratitude. One would not be alive without the other. One would have no relevance without the other. One fuels the other while the other fuels the One. Interesting, how both live amicably. And till we find our answers, those steeples will stand tall, waving those crosses while we look up to those statues with hope !!

TET 1031
Entry # : TET 1031


The Sun doesn’t shine bright on me everyday. I don’t fret… In perfect strangeness, I found my mind….Mad but benumbed…Some of the light has faded…Dark is new light. Human nature changes every season…This human cycle. Every sunset may not be romantic…Devil may care. The Moon may not appear tonight…No big deal. The road ahead is a Dead-End. I’m home. Happiness and Sadness are colonial cousins. It depends. Love and peace to all friends…Go with the flow….

TET 1032
Entry # : TET 1032

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention. You need to observe closely to understand the beauty

TET 1033
Entry # : TET 1033

The Shikaras! The silence of the Valley & the stillness of the Dal Lake is the unspoken story of a generation lost.