Maruti Suzuki Factory Visit and Startup Diagnostic Session (Nurture Program)

The fusion of technology, innovation, and industry came to life during an insightful visit to the Maruti Suzuki Factory, followed by an engaging startup diagnostic session for 5 winning startups of the Nurture Program’s 1st Cohort from the East and North East Parts of India, at the Maruti Suzuki Innovation Gym. This unique opportunity provided participants with a firsthand experience of witnessing the intricate processes behind automobile manufacturing and understanding the collaborative efforts that fuel innovation in the automotive sector.

Experts from IIM Calcutta Innovation Park Mr. Devasis Gupta (IIMCIP Mentor & Program Director), Mr. Gaurav Kapoor (CBO, IIMCIP) and Mr. Biswajit Dey ( Manager-Incubation) provided constructive feedback, guiding the entrepreneurs on refining their concepts and aligning them with market needs.