Order authentic Indian delicacies from Appeti

Appeti is a curated online marketplace which offers authentic Indian delicacies from regional establishments and get them home delivered to any part of the country. The users are allowed to shop by location, by food category or by vendor. All the products are categorized under Sweets, Snacks, Chocolates, Pickles, Bakery Products, Health food, Beverages to name a few.

Punjab’s Dodha Burfi, Rajasthani Ghewar, Gujarat’s Khakras, Bombay’s Ice Halwa, Pune’s Bhakarwadi, Mysore Pak, Agra’s Pethas, Ooty Chocolates, Ratlami Sev, Kolkata’s Rossogulla, Panipat’s pachranga achaar, Kerala Banana Chips, Dharwad Peda, Hyderabad’s Karachi Bakery Biscuits, are just a little few of the wide variety of packaged experiences Appeti is successfully delivering to each customer’s doorstep today.

Appeti is democratizing the food industry by offering a nationwide delivery service for delicacies and iconic dishes from all over the country. The company distinguishes itself by finding locally sourced gourmet foods from around the country and delivering them to a person’s doorstep.

“We aren’t just ‘selling’ delicacies, we are delivering experiences and sentiments attached with a place. What better than the authentic food? Also, we have ensured the operations to be so that the delivery time is short enough to avoid any compromise on taste or freshness. Customer experience is of primary importance to us”, said Nitesh Prajapat, the young CEO, on being asked what makes Appeti so special. Nitesh graduated from IIT Kanpur and has 3 years of diverse startup as well as corporate experiences in the domains of strategy, product development, supply chain, designing and marketing. He is currently polishing his management skills at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. Self-believer, Hustler and Resilient are couple of words that describe him illustriously. The team currently comprises of 8 members handling various functions of website and app development, marketing, finance and operations.

They want to become a one-stop solution for a “foodie” considering it as an online market place for different varieties of eating products. There should not be regional or national boundaries while selling food products. That’s why they are on a mission to provide regional and country specific delicacies and specialties to each and every food purveyor located across any part of the globe.


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