The Business Incubation Unit (BIU) functions as an incubation unit for innovative solutions for social and business challenges. To translate an innovative idea to a sustainable business is a long and arduous process. IIMCIP aims to provide an environment which would have all the ingredients required to make such a journey successful.
The BIU focuses on 7 broad areas in which it has developed specialized expertise, knowledge and thought leadership as well as delivery capability in its stated objective of promoting and supporting entrepreneurship development.

i-Dream – Induction: Orientation of Young Students towards Entrepreneurship as a career option through seminars, workshops & summer camps.

i-Spark – Ideation: Creation of multidisciplinary teams to create & rapidly develop business ideas & plans.

i-Promote – Inculcation: Evangelization of entrepreneurship through select outreach and promotional events, as well as identification and recognition of promising entrepreneurs, including social entrepreneurs, through national/global business plan competitions and conferences thus creating a potential pipeline for future incubation.

i-Hatch – Incubation: IIMCIP will co create an entrepreneurial ecosystem with other stake holders to facilitate transformation of innovative ideas into successful ventures.

i-Seed – Investment: Development, Management & Deployment of an Investment Fund specifically created for seed & angel investing in early-stage entrepreneurship plans, mostly a subset of Incubatee organizations of IIMCIP.

i-Leap – Improvement : Creation of Programs & Systems for enabling existing mid-sized entrepreneurs and family businesses to scale up & institutionalize professional practices, creating sustainable growth, consolidation & maturation of the organization.

i-Spring – Innovation: Creation & management of an enabling ecosystem for providing support to existing businesses in their innovative initiatives.