Outreach Programmes

HNI Meet to gather funds for Assam Startups

October 21 , 2019

An HNI Meet, Angel Miniversity Program, was organized at The Nest last evening. Ms. Nandini Mansinghka, CEO & MD, Mumbai Angels Network, addressed a cream gathering of High Net Worth Individuals (HNI) of Assam and discussed the varied aspects of angel investment. Mrs. Manjula Saikia Bhuyan, IAS, Additional Secretary, Department of Industries and Commerce, Government […]

Thinking Social Seminar

July 29 , 2019

Mr. Narendra Godse, Founder-Anoobhuti Learning and Mr. Prateek Sharma, Founder- Vishalya Foods and Farms elucidates their entrepreneurial journey with over 100 participants at the Tata Social Enterprise Challenge Thinking Social Seminar at Rabindranath Tagore University, Atal Incubation Centre, Bhopal on July 27,2019. The other speakers included Ronald Fernandez, CEO- Rabindranath Tagore University-Atal Incubation Centre;Santosh Dubey, Chancellor- Rabindranath Tagore University- Bhopal,V C Dubey- Nodal Officer,Start up and Incubation Cell
Department of MSME, Govt. of M.P.

Pitch Hatch 1.0

May 21 , 2019

The mega pitching event, where 113 shortlisted startups from the incubation contest pitched before the jury on 11 May at The Nest in Assam. A bootcamp was held at The Nest on 10 May 2019 on “What Investors Want”. Speakers included Sushanto Mitra, Founder & CEO, Lead Angels; Chandradeep Mitra, Advisor & Mentor, IIM Calcutta Innovation Park; Vikram Duggal, Investor & Mentor, IIM Calcutta Innovation Park; Sanjay Enishetty, Managing Director & CEO, 50K Ventures. The Pitch Hatch received over 1000 applications

Thinking Social Seminar

May 14 , 2019

IIM Calcutta Innovation Park organised a one-day “Thinking Social” seminar at Goa in association with Goa State Innovation Council on 25th January, 2019. The primary objective of this exercise was to build awareness, interest and desire to engage with the Social Enterprise Ecosystem amongst the aspiring entrepreneurs and start ups who were about to embark on their entrepreneurship journey soon. This seminar series introduced the budding entrepreneurs to the concept of social entrepreneurship in the rapidly evolving global economy.

Training of Trainers on Entrepreneurship Development

February 18 , 2019

The ‘Training of Trainers on Entrepreneurship’ workshop for 15 delegates from Mizoram took place at the IIMC Campus from 14th – 17th February 2019. The participants were sensitized about structuring a business model canvas. The topics covered during the session were:
1. Reasons to carry out innovation & taking up entrepreneurship
2. Usage of Ideation Tools & Techniques
3.Process undergone during Design Thinking
4.Structuring a Customer Value Proposition Model
5. Genesis and structure of a Business Plan and
6. Process of Drafting a Business model canvas.

An elaborate discussion on ideation tools and techniques used while structuring customers Value Proposition Model, marketing and branding requirement for any product was held. The trainers also interacted with various start-ups of IIMCIP.


November 29 , 2017

The Thirteen outreach program took place at St Xavier’s College, Patna on the 10th November 2017. There were about more than 75 students were present at the event . The program started with a welcome note by Secretary of BEA , Mr Abhisek Singh followed by a speech delivered by Mr Soujit Das,INVENT–IIMCIP providing an overview on IDEATION, SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP & INCUBATION at IIMCIP under the INVENT Program.
Mr Abhisek Singh chaired the session giving an introduction about IIMCIP & BEA Collaboration for emerging start-ups of Bihar . Mr Adarsh Srivastav from Green Agrevolution shared his experience and also how they were being helped by IIMCIP.


November 29 , 2017

Eleventh outreach program conducted by IIMCIP took place at NSHM, Kolkata on 1st November 2017.Graced by the presence of 50 participants attending the program. The program started with a welcome note by Dean of the Institute.
Later Mr Gaurav Kapoor,Head INVENT –IIMCIP delivered a speech providing an overview of Social Entrepreneurship, Ideation and Incubation process under INVENT Program.
When it comes to social entrepreneurship, India is often referred to as the epicenter of impact investing, and the world’s laboratory for testing new ideas was the view shared by Mr. Gaurav Kapoor,a he affirmed the fact being social entrepreneurs can be described as visionaries who solve prevalent problems. Social entrepreneurs should be obsessed with sustainability, provide solutions which are environment friendly, making the best use of local resources, ensure the growth of the rural ecosystem, exploit the power of cooperatives, promoting local industry and community-driven initiatives.
The audience were highly engaged in the programme and actively participated in the same. The programme was a grand success and acquired positive responses from enthusiastic individuals from various sectors.


November 29 , 2017

The Twelfth outreach program took place at ADAMAS University on the 10th November 2017. There were about more than 100 participants . The program started with a welcome note by University Dean ,DR. SHYAMAL KUMAR PABI.
Mr Gaurav Kapoor, Head INVENT –IIMCIP delivered a speech providing an overview of the Entrepreneurship Awareness Program. This was followed by a panel discussion on ‘Journey of a Social Entrepreneur and its Challenges’. The panel comprised of Mr Rajib Sengupta Founder Arogya Medtech Pvt Ltd and Mr Prantik Sinha Founder Agasthya Buyont Pvt Ltd along with Mr. Debayan Biswas from Agastya Buoyant who has been closely working with many salvaging companies and diving training institutes, across the country, providing training on use of underwater lift bags.
Mr Prantik Sinha Founder of Agastya Buyont while speaking about his venture mentioned that Agastya Buoyant Pvt Ltd,was looking forward to gain expertise in design and development of inflatable’s for different field of applications in India. He further affirmed that they are the leading manufacturer, engaged in offering a wide range of Trash Boom, Underwater Lift Bag and Gas Storage Balloons. Later in the day Mr Rajib Sengupta vividly described t Arogya Medtech describing it as a scalable solution for neuro -imaging which will change brain scans world-wide, cerebros for on site brain scanning. According to the founder his product is a Low-cost, Portable, Radiation Free, Non-Invasive, Multi-modal Brain-scanning device as wearable head-gear integrated with a cloud based Tele Neuro-platform.
The audience were highly engaged in the program and actively participated in the same. The program was a grand success and acquired positive responses from enthusiastic individuals from various sectors

SMART FIFTY panel discussion on Smart solutions for India’s challenges and role of ecosystem

November 14 , 2017

‘SMART FIFTY’:IMCIP & DST(Department of Science and Technology) launches Smart Fifty which is aligned to ‘Start-Up India’ movement and aims to promote socio-economic development in India. Smart Fifty is probably the biggest Start-Up hunt in India to identify, recognize and reward aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs. The platform will focus on innovative ideas which can transform India from a socio-economic perspective, urging participants to present solutions that are SMART(Sustainable, Motivating, Affordable, Responsible and above all,Transformative).

The program will emphasize on Smart solutions, Challenges of India, how smart solutions can help transform India and why entrepreneurship alone can transform India.
SMART FIFTY outreach Program at Ecospace Business Park, Block 4B Action Area II New Town. Time: 4 P.M-6 P.M Date: 15th November,2017. For any Query mail to : henna.jaireth@iimcip.org

INVENT Social Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme at Rotary Sadan

June 1 , 2017

IIM Calcutta Innovation Park (IIMCIP) in association with Rotary Club of Calcutta Renaissance – RI District 3291, conducted the INVENT Social Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme on the 11th of June’2017 at Rotary Sadan – Kolkata.

The primary objective of this event was to build awareness on social entrepreneurship, generate interest and inspire the young generation to come up with innovative solutions to social challenges.

The event began with an opening address by Mr. Chirabrata Mazumdar, President- Rotary Club of Calcutta Renaissance. Mr Gaurav Kapoor, Head- INVENT (IIMCIP) presented a talk on social entrepreneurship- what is it and innovative startups in the social entrepreneurship space. This was followed by a panel discussion on ‘Journey of Social Entrepreneur- its Challenges’. The panelist comprised of F&B company owner, Debayan Biswas from North Bengal speaking on his venture MOMOS on Wheels which has successfully innovated frozen momos with a life span of 9 months and is working with unemployed women rejected by society; Prof Somprakash Bandyopadhyay, Mentor of ‘NexConnect Venture’ a unified digital teaching-learning platform that seeks to provide a quality learning environment to every child/student in both rural and urban areas; and Mr Sandip Datta, Senior representative from ‘IKure’, which has a vision to provide affordable, accessible and quality healthcare using technological intervention.

The audience were highly engaged in the programme and actively participated in the same. The programme was a grand success and acquired positive responses from enthusiastic individuals from various sectors.

INVENT outreach Programme at GMIT, Baruipur

May 25 , 2017

Sixth INVENT outreach programme was held at GMIT , Baruipur on Monday , May 15, 2017. There were about 100 participants including students and faculty members from different colleges of Baruipur. The programme kick-started with the welcome note by the Chairman of the College.This was followed by an overview on the INVENT program , Social Entrepreneurship and “Ideation & Creating Business Plan” for the budding entrepreneurs by Mr Soujit Das of IIMCIP. Mr Prantik Sinha of Agastya Buyont and Mr Biswajit Dey of Edurade, two entrepreneurs who are incubated at IIMCIP shared their journey so far-challenges faced, milestones achieved. A session was conducted where the students displayed their project models and earned valuable inputs from the IIMCIP team members. Audience actively participated in the sessions conducted and the programme received positive responses from enthusiastic budding entrepreneurs.

INVENT outreach Programme at Patna

March 25 , 2017

A business plan pitching session was conducted by IIM Calcutta Innovation Park at the Bihar Entrepreneurship Summit on 21 March 2017. Over 100+ startups had applied initially through an online application process and from there 15 startups were shortlisted for the final pitching session.

The Judging panel comprised of members from the startup ecosystem (IIM Calcutta, IIM Calcutta Innovation Park, YourStory, Nasscom, F6S).

Top three teams were awarded a total of 1 lakh cash prize. The winners were:

Winner: Janamajey Tiwari
1st Runner up: Schooglink
2nd Runner up: Repair my Mobile

On 22nd March 2017 a panel discussion was conducted on the following theme:

Invest in Bihar: Opportunities Untapped Session

INVENT outreach at NIT Durgapur

December 9 , 2016

Fourth outreach programme by INVENT-IIMCIP was held at National Institute of Technology, Durgapur on Wednesday, November 30, 2016. There were about 45 participants including students, Faculty members and research associates from different colleges of Burdwan District, Durgapur & Asansol (West Bengal) and some entrepreneurs from the surrounding area. The programme began with a welcome note addressed to IIMCIP delegates by E-Cell head coordinator of NIT Durgapur. This was followed by speech and presentation giving an overview of INVENT and exploring essential topic like ‘Ideation & Creating Business Plan’, by the members of IIMCIP. Mr Gaurav Kapoor, Executive Director, Innokul, discussed an interesting topic, ‘Support Ecosystem by Start ups’. The audience were highly engaged in the programme and actively participated in the interactive & motivating session conducted by Mr Gaurav Kapoor. The programme was a grand success and acquired positive responses from enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

INVENT: Seminar at Kalyani Government Engineering College

November 11 , 2016

The third INVENT outreach programme took place at Kalyani Govt Engineering College (KGEC) auditorium on Friday, November 11, 2016. There were about 120 participants comprising final year students, Faculties and research associates from different colleges of Nadia District, West Bengal and also 5 entrepreneurs from the same district. The College administration, faculty and the E-cell team supported the event with lot of enthusiasm and whole-hearted co-operation. Prof K Chakraborty, Principal of KGEC, welcomed all the students and delegates and set the context through a short, inspiring speech. Mr Soujit Das , from IIMCIP explained the audience the objective of INVENT program and threw light on various aspects of Social Entrepreneurship. Mr. Debapratim Das from IIMCIP took the session on “Ideation & Creating Business Plan” for the budding entrepreneurs. The audience actively participated in the interactive session by Mr Suman Mukhopadhyay of Bangla Natok.Com on the topic “Support Ecosystem by Start ups “. This was followed by a 30-min Q&A session.

INVENT: Seminar at MCKV Engineering College – Howrah

September 24 , 2016

First Outreach event of Invent took place at Howrah, a traditional SME hub of West Bengal. MCKV Engineering College, a reputed institution that encourages entrepreneurship among the students, was chosen as the venue. The audience of about 45-50 heads comprised a mix of students of technical institutes in adjoining areas, entrepreneurs in SME sector, aspiring entrepreneurs and faculty from Engineering & Management Colleges. Debapratim, on behalf of IIMCIP, welcomed the participants at the outset and explained the objective of the Invent program and touched on the idea of social entrepreneurship, differences with traditional business and the impact a social entrepreneur can make to the lives of low income group people and to the society for a better living. Suman Mukhopadhyay, Director, Banglanatak.com, a social enterprise and an experienced social entrepreneur himself, then shared his experience on various projects where income-generating business ventures are addressing the need of common people. He also spoke on the challenges faced by a social entrepreneur in scaling up their business, e.g. connect with market, ensuring product quality. Dr. Subhrangshu Sanyal, CEO IIMCIP, was the next speaker who explained the idea generation process and how to give shape to the idea through Business plan and the steps involved. He emphasized on the must-have traits for an entrepreneur to be successful in business venture and the encouraged the budding & aspiring entrepreneurs to set up their start-ups. Debapratim, then explained the key takeaways & benefits from being part of Invent program and about the application and selection process. Final 30 mins of the seminar was used for Q&A where lots of queries on the Invent program in particular and social entrepreneurship in general were addressed by the speakers.