Our Incubatees

5C Networks Pvt Ltd.

5c Network is a technologically advanced telehealth platform focusing on Remote Radio diagnosis, offering the highest quality radiological interpretations at the fastest possible time.

They connect the best radiologists to hospitals and diagnostic centres, thus solving the problem concerning lack of qualified radiologists at every hospital or diagnostic centres. 5C network works on an  online 0 footprint platform that manages the entire medical and commercial workflow for both their clients and radiologists: pulling the images from the machines and sending them onto the cloud, collecting additional patient information, routing it to the best available radiologist capable of giving quick interpretation, notifying the radiologist, giving him/her the tools for interpretation (augmented with latest technology), delivering the report to the client, managing payments and regularly checking the quality of reports from the radiologists to ensure the highest standards.

To know more details, visit: http://www.5cnetwork.com/ 


ONganic had developed a Farm to Fork Eco-system for Organic Food. ONganic supports farmers to grow various organic produce as per market demand, buys it, processes it and packages it as per consumer requirements and sells it. ONganic has an organic grower groups in West Bengal under NPOP organic certification, with a cumulative organic cultivable land of 100 hectares. There are 33 grocery products in ONganic’s product portfolio including – Rice, Pulses, Flour, Oil and spices.

To know more about them, visit: http://onganic.in/ 


TruckHall aims to un-clutter road transportation and make logistics industry more efficient with the aid of technology. They use data to do better match making between the shipper and vehicle owner. They ensure cost saving by better utilization of resources & decrease turnaround time by digitizing operational over-head.

Truckhall has developed technology for intelligent match making to improve asset utilization and they use data analytics for rate discovery and price forecast. Additionally, they use technology for collaborations and operation management for simple things like coordination, digitalization of documents, vehicle tracking, etc to improve service levels.


Zaple is revolutionizing footwear through customisation.

In India it is often seen that customers are dissatisfied with the shoe style but likes the design & color or vice versa. Secondly, there are requirement of special shoes for feet with special needs (incl. flat feet, narrow feet, broad feet & special sizes) which is readily not available. Often it is difficult to find matching shoes with apparel too.

Zaple provides customer with best personalised experience in footwear industry by designing & providing footwear for every need.Customers communicate with them via Zaple (www.zaple.in), whereby they can obtain customized their footwear exactly in the way they want. Customers can select any pattern and can get that in multiple colours or can select any colour, material and get that in multiple patterns or they can customize it by self by selecting their favourite material, colour, print, pattern, heel height, heel shape, size or any other aesthetics.Customers can also purchase footwear directly from their gallery designed by their exclusive fashion designers.

They aim to create a niche segment for customised exquisite and elegant footwear especially for women. Their vision represents a change in the way women shop for shoes, and we’re poised to take off.At Zaple, some of the finest, exquisite and elegant masterpieces of footwear’s are made. The good news is that at Zaple, they can make footwear of any size, design or colour of your choice.

To know more, visit: www.zapple.in

Momos On Wheels

MOMOS ON WHEELS is a fast growing street food chain at Siliguri and Darjeeling and serves steamed food like different types of MOMO and other Mongolian delicacies like Taipo and Thukpa. It creates micro level businessmen through its MOMO vending cart and is the only successful manufacturer and supplier of frozen MOMO approved by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

In recent times MOMO or Dimsum or Dumplings has gained huge popularity in entire nation and abroad and it also has the same huge potential to contribute the economical growth of our nation. But, unfortunately in many places it is served in an unhealthy and unhygienic manner. Momo on Wheels serve healthy, hygienic, safe and tasty food by maintaining the highest hygiene standards and are constantly working to make the MOMO experience more attractive.

Their vision is to serve authentic, healthy and best taste Himlayan delicacy to all household. MOMOS ON WHEELS not only provides a good option of healthy and hygienic food on roads but also generates huge employment. They have created micro level businessman from most unwanted and abandoned part of our society like closed tea gardens, orphanage, ex criminal and ex sex workers.


EduRade through its research and development wing – Drones Tech Lab is primarily engaged in manufacturing and supplying drones to farmers (with automated agriculture systems to monitor and develop their crops yields), Industrial drones for Mining surveys, Map growth, Infrastructure inspections & planning for building, power lines, pipelines etca along with 2D mapping & 3D mapping , Defense Organizations (Surveillance & Combat Drones) and also providing automated drones to health industry. EduRade has a strategic tie-up with premier institutions of this country to impart yearly application oriented training programs on emerging technologies including Drones, IOT, Artificial Intelligence to provide a chance to the bright minds to hone their hands-on skills by participating in live projects and interning at the research and development wing.

To know more, visit: http://edurade.com/

Owlish Oracle

OwlishOracle is a unified digital teaching-learning platform that seeks to provide a quality learning environment to every child/student in both rural and urban areas. This online learning platform aspires to ensure holistic development of students by focusing on: Formal Teaching, Grandparenting or mentoring, Vocational Training and Counselling.

OwlishOracle connects quality senior teachers, mentors and experts with students (children/youth) through low-cost affordable interactive on-line classes using structured audio-visual content to under-served children with the help of local entrepreneurs.

Their vision is to address issues of exclusion and inequality in knowledge dissemination and educational attainment by fostering exchange of knowledge between generations. Currently they Are Covering five districts of Bengal and aim to reach 10 districts by end of the year.

To know more visit: http://www.owlishoracle.com/

Agasthya Buoyant Pvt Ltd

Agastya Buoyant Pvt Ltd, an ISO 9001:2015 certified Startup Company has gained expertise in design and development of inflatable technology for different field of applications in India. The company has its operational activities in and around Kolkata, West Bengal.

Agastya Buoyant is the only company to manufacture trash boom and underwater lift bag in India. The products are manufactured from 90% of the raw materials sourced in India to create import substitution and also custom made to suit the working condition and environment.

Apart from reducing water pollution, Agastya Buoyant is pioneering indigenized R&D in inflatable technology for various other uses such as Disaster Management, Aerial Surveillance & Biogas Generation, and are also aiming to explore new application areas like Defence & Space Technologies.

To know more visit: http://www.agastyabuoyant.com/

Grovill Education Ltd:

Grovill Education Ltd provides affordable Pre-Primary Education to the rural children with excellent infrastructure and proper teaching aids for experiential learning.

Lack of proper infrastructure and quality education are two major problems in rural India (spread over 6000 blocks in 700 districts of India). Grovill Education is solving the disparity in the quality of basic education in urban and rural areas.

They are providing employment to rural women by training these women locally.

Grovill Education is impacting rural parents having kids, woman workforce and rural businessman (micro entrepreneurs) looking for better livelihood. They aim to provide quality education accessible and affordable to all Indians by being present in the 6000 blocks of India.

To know more visit: http://learnindiaschool.com/


Yibeal platform lets a user Buy/ Sell/ Exchange pre-owned mobile phones, suggesting the best value, connecting at a hyper-local space with the buyer/ seller. Yibeal has 10 kiosks in Kolkata as of now.

The second-hand mobile marketplace is underserved plus fragmented -and transactions via online classifieds can be difficult and unsafe. At the same time, a decline in sales is evident for the brick-&-mortar mobile stores as they are losing new phone business to online retailers. Established phone brands were suffering, as consumers opted to buy cheaper new phones.

Yibeal has created a platform letting sellers and buyers leverage an online discovery platform (for broader connect) while transacting offline at local Yibeal centers (ensuring safe transactions and certified phones) in Kolkata. Some of the key features of the platform is that it provides first-of-its-kind warranty and insurance coverage for Pre-owned phones and branding existing mobile retailers’ space (and their service engineers) to create a retrofit franchisee ecosystem for Yibeal’s offline ops – facilitating faster growth on variable cost mode. Yibeal offers exclusive discounts on new phones to sellers. They offer warranty/insurance to buyers too. Buyers can purchase via cash/e-wallet. Buyers can search for listing and connect to sellers. Yibeal associate runs proprietary tests to certify the phone.

Providing the most convenient way for a better pre-owned transacting platform, Yibeal plans to extend its service options both vertically in products and set its foot in the US market in 6 months’ time with David Wang, adviser at Yibeal and esteemed US entrepreneur. Thus quoting themselves as ‘Yes it’s a big deal’ which they acronym ‘Yibeal’, defining to be the next unicorn in the start-up world.

To know more visit:  http://www.yibeal.com/ 

Talento Consulting:

Talento Consulting develops content for skill development and training. Talento has launched an Android application, GuruSkool to facilitate delivery of digital content. GuruSkool is a free to download app which comes with pre loaded content for Life Skills, English Skill and Basic IT skills.

Talento Consulting Pvt Ltd is the first of kind initiative in India bridging the digital divide in vocational education and skill training space .Talento has created a bouquet of services to deliver scientific skill training which can be scaled up cater to huge target population.

To know more visit: http://talento.in/


Founded in 2015, AmazAntz partners with large and proactive organisations, to assist them in ‘Learning Experience Design’. AmazAntz comprises of a team of dynamic and experienced creative learning experience design professionals. Their learning solutions are customised to meet the diverse learning needs of different organisations. Their effectiveness lies in their ability to provide innovative and fresh perspectives, adhere to quick turn-around times, at vey reasonable costs. It assures measureable return on learning investments. It has a repertoire of pre-defined learning programs along with bespoke solutions that help customers across industry verticals to: (1) deliver operational readiness (2) create new competencies & (3) enhance workforce effectiveness & (4) optimize performance.

AmazAntz’ “Learning Experience Design” is unique as it addresses the entire spectrum of mass learning right from content creation to deployment to assessment. It is learner focussed and ensures attention, retention, reproduction and motivation of the learner.

To know more visit: http://amazantz.com/


Smithcucina is a clean and green cooking system manufacturer which provides an alternative to household cooking gas and traditional methods of cooking. They offer, Infracooka, which is unique in itself as it runs on green energy. They are providing innovative, durable, cost effective and environment friendly cooking solution and they strive to reach every household with their Super Electric Cooktop, Infracooka. The same is easily available, smoke and carbon free, mobile, utensil friendly (almost all) and economical. Their vision is to spread their wings beyond the eastern region, to Southern Part & Northern part of India also.

To know more visit: http://smithcucina.com/


CAPACLOUD is a clean technology company developing and producing green products with particular research pivot on next generation maintenance free vertical gardens.
Rising levels of air pollution in cities across the world and depleting greenery is a serious and life threatening issue which is of high concern at present. Their proprietary vertical garden product and technology offers up to 90% less maintenance compared to similar products available in the global marketplace. It is elegant and affordable, having deep potential to solve the alarming air pollution problem.

To know more visit: http://capacloud.com/


Izifiso is a one stop destination for planning low cost experiential and educational trips. It is a social platform for educational, art, culture and volunteerism where one will discover all the meaningful experience in some of the most magical places on the Earth. Options like ‘Fossil hunting tours, Musical treks, Art village safari, star gazing, environmental study, marine conservation and many more are available.

They are solving the problem of conventional closed classroom teaching to open air teaching. Through these trips they organize study tours which are essentially a form of an active based learning rather than classroom learning.

Visit their website to know more details:  www.izifiso.com


MyPrivateTutor is an online platform with a powereful search engine with comprehensive tutor listings. They are one of the first global platforms in the worldwide tutoring market which is estimated to be at $120 bn.

In today’s world where there are no reliable and transparent mechanisms for learners to find great teachers and classes, MyPrivateTutor came up with a platform which makes it easy to find great teachers. Learners on this platform can communicate with tutors via phone, email, Whatsapp, or using their messaging and video conferencing platform.

MyPrivateTutor has strong traction in India, Malaysia and UAE with over 600 tuition requests posted per day, 400,000+ registered a users and about 17-18 lakhs (INR) in monthly net revenues

Visit their website to know more details: www.myprivatetutor.com


Appet-i is a curated online marketplace which offers authentic Indian delicacies from regional establishments and get them home delivered to any part of the country.

Appeti provides an online platform for providing regional delicacies sourced from its origin to satisfy the craving for authentic taste by finding locally sourced gourmet foods from around the country and delivering them to a person’s doorstep. They are also helping regional food purveyors reach a national audience. Customers with a gifting mindset can easily send the desired authentic food to anybody they wish to through this online platform.

Appeti offers authentic delicacies from different states of India at your doorstep at affordable prices.  They connect customers with culture and place of origin.

Visit their website to know more details: www.appeti.in

Organic Thali:

Organic Thali has the mission to encourage organic farming while serving food prepared from pesticide/ chemical free ingredients without compromising on taste. They are currently working with around 24 farmers in 2 villages near by Hyderabad and serving 400+ organic thalis per day at corporate parks in Hyderabad.

Visit their website to know more details: www.organicthali.in


Magasool Agro Pvt Ltd is an asset-light fully vertically integrated business for production, processing and marketing of dry-land crops.

450,000 tonnes of small millets (Michael Raj and Shanmugam 2013, Agriculture Statistics Division) are produced in India annually. Most of it marketed through channels that squeeze farmer profits and simultaneously derive large profits from the end customer. Magasool Agro Private Ltd aims to capture and improve a large share of the dry-land-crop value chain. One of their first goal is to bring the benefits of value addition of food processing to dry land farmers.

Magasool’s vision is to run this business model throughout India in 10 years and scale up using franchise based models, taking care to incorporate scientific farming techniques, social learnings, and a wider network of young farmers and agricultural innovators and researchers.

In 2014-15 they have reached out to more than 1000 farmers and farm through personalised services in mechanized paddy transplantation, vermicomposting, soil-health improvement and kitchen gardening.

Bodhi Healthcare:

Bodhi Health Education provides technology-based medical education solutions for healthcare professionals. They have developed e-learning programs dissesminated through mobile technology to provide basic training solutions to healthworkers in rural India. The idea of the electronic learning solution is to educate semi-literate women and engage them through pictorial videos in regional languages.

Their products include interactive eLearning modules, demonstration videos and gamification based products and they develop customized solutions in English, Hindi and local languages. Bodhi Health Education is aiming to create training platform on android based tablets and existing IT infrastructure at health centers and mobile phones available with health workers. The venture aims to train 60,000 frontline community health workers over next five years in India and developing countries in Asia and Africa.

Visit their website to know more details: www.bodhihealthedu.org

Edwell Solutions

Edwell solutions provide audio visual based learning via low cost android based multimedia screen in budget private schools.

The budget private schools in rural India have teachers taking classes in the old fashioned way which most of the times is a one way communication, where teachers narrate the definition and formulas from the books. These schools due to lack of necessary fund and limited number of students are not in a position to install E-learning solution.  Edwell Solutions are trying to solve two of the most common problems in these budget schools – absence of an interactive teaching mechanism and absence of affordable technology based education delivery model.

They are currently working with 28 budget private schools in Uttarakhand impacting 4000+ students. Their vision is to reach 600 budget private schools in next 3 Yrs impacting 1 lakh students with access to technology based education in an affordable way.

Visit their website to know more details: www.edwell.in