Workshop on Rapid Prototyping by Matan Berkowitz ( Telegraph 23rd Nov,2017)

The concept of PROTOTYPING usually makes us think of technology: writing codes, building hardwares, designing interfaces, etc.Therefore, most startups and entrepreneurs consider it a job for the “Techies”: the CTO, the engineers, the UX / UI experts.In its essence, a prototype is the most concise and effective way to bring an idea to life.With the right state of mind, anyone can do this quickly and effectively – even without relying on technology.

In this workshop, award winning inventor, artist and entrepreneur Matan Berkowitz (MaTan) will instruct the group through a hands-on Rapid Prototyping process, teaching participants how to turn their ideas into “real things” using everyday skills, combined with Design Thinking techniques and his own unique methods.
During the course of the 3-hour session every group will create its own prototype, and gain valuable insights for their next projects.
MaTan is a Forbes Under 30 innovator and the founder of Shift.
He has given talks and workshops worldwide for the like of Google, Microsoft and TEDx, developed bio-feedback based instruments for people with disabilities, and has exhibited interactive installations in museums and galleries.
MaTan is an alumni of global Mass Challenge Accelerator and the European Union’s #MusicBricks Incubator with his latest invention, the Airstrument, which translates movements into music.
Key Takeaways for the Start Up
– valuable knowledge of the methods one can deploy within the start up team to quickly translate an idea into effective design.
– to articulate your ideas and designs more effectively.