Mr T.N. Hari

Mr T.N. Hari has spent 20 years in the Start-up ecosystem and has had a ringside view of the journey and the critical turning points.

He had participated in the growth journeys of 5 startups, in 5 different sectors, as an executive team member and played a key role in their scaling journeys and subsequent exits.

Four of the startups went on to be acquired by large marquis companies and one listed on NASDAQ, three of them also went on to become Unicorns. In the process, Mr Hari developed a deep understanding of the challenges startups go through as they scale their businesses.

He shared this knowledge widely in many forms as an Angel Investor, Advisor to VCs, sounding board to founders, author and columnist.

Mr Hari has now started the Artha School of Entrepreneurship, along with a few like-minded individuals, to help founders scale the journeys of their start-ups and build large and sustainable businesses. LinkedIn had identified him as one of the top voices in India consecutively for three years from 2016-18.