Shilpa Abhijan 2014

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) signed an MoU with Government of West Bengal in September 2013 to partner with the Department of Micro and Small Scale Enterprises & Textiles (MSSE&T), Government of West Bengal to embark on Shilpa Abhijan -a movement to foster district-level entrepreneurship in West Bengal.

In order to get primary information from the key stakeholders in the government machinery, a team of delegates from IIMC and visited various District Industrial Centres & IDO offices at Hooghly, Howrah, and Murshidabad between 25 and 30 October 2013.

Based on the feedback from the field visits to the different DICs IIMC has designed a two-part training program for the DIC officials of West Bengal to kick-start the capacity development process of DIC officials and IDOs (Industrial Development Officers) of West Bengal to support district-level entrepreneurship.

Training for the first batch was conducted in January 2014 and training for the remaining batches was conducted in February 2014.

The training program comprised of two modules:

  • Module A: A 4-day entrepreneurship orientation program intended to provide the participants with an overview of business and entrepreneurship essentials. Participants were assigned a project to work on at the end of Module A.
  • Module B: A 2-day module, which was conducted two months after the completion of Module A. The objective of this module was to have the participants present their project work to a panel which will evaluate the work and provide feedback on the same, and also provide refresher and advanced components of sections of the first module.